Perfect Time for a Breakdown!

Infected | Strangers

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Dad's on a hunting trip and he hasn't been home in a few days.

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9 gifs of Harold Finch per episode -> S04E04 Brotherhood

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“You chose us. Now we have to choose you.”


PRETTY OUTFITS » 73/?, killian jones, once upon a time, 404


Daryl Dixon in 5.02


"You’re every bit as good as them. Every bit."

Carol is struggling to find herself worthy. She’s been reunited with her family but instead of feeling at home, she feels like an outsider. These are good people and she no longer consider herself a good person. She killed Karen, David, and Lizzie and can’t forget or move past it so she pulls away and everyone is caught off guard except for Daryl. This time it’s he who reminds Carol that she’s earned her place, that she’s done more for their family than anyone, and that she’s every bit as good as them. Every bit.

Tom Hardy for Stand Up To Cancer campaign

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Strike Back 1x03: John Porter in prison

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