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Sep 5


The Walking Dead Panel: Norman Reedus @ SDCC 2014 

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angry men being angry (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

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First look at Daryl Dixon in s5 of TWD

First look at Daryl Dixon in s5 of TWD

Jul 7
Jul 4
Jul 4


You being back with us here, now. That’s everything. (1.4 x 4.16)

Daryl isn’t phony. If he’s your friend, if he cares about you, he really cares about you. He would do anything for you. That’s a beautiful thing I think

- Norman Reedus (via chandra75)

“That is my best friend. That’s the man that I love, I love him like he’s my brother.”Shane Walsh (2x6) 

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